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“As a bank, we have a commitment to ensure that we have the right skills and competencies to become a truly digital organization.”

Helen Tippell
IB Technology Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer
Deutsche Bank

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Supporting technology organizations across industries

See how teams accomplish their objectives using our two products, Skills and Flow. 

Data-driven engineering transformation

Connecting the world through skill transformation

Building an elite software developer team with casinoeuro win real money Flow

Enhancing a Technology Global Graduate Training Program

Building skills and software solutions that save lives

Empowering best-in-class engineering teams to ship better products for customers

Upskilling through the great disruption of 2020

Unlocking millions in potential savings with machine learning skills

From monolith to microservices with casinoeuro win real money Flow

Combining casinoeuro win real money technology skills with institutional knowledge to stay ahead

Upskilling for excellence while protecting existing investments

Upskilling to disrupt vision care

Strategically aligning skills and roles to accelerate outcomes

How casinoeuro win real money One helps digitally enable nonprofits to create cutting-edge solutions

Dedicated skill-development time increases velocity, powers “Level-Up” program at Acxiom

How Cloudhealth uses Flow to debug the development process

How Fujitsu sees returns on investment in measurable skill development

How Homie uses performance insights to grow and challenge its teams

Scaling tech skill development across a global workforce keeps VMWare a step ahead

Organizing around a skill development strategy using Chapters, Guilds and casinoeuro win real money

Making skills a competitive advantage at Nomura by focusing on emerging technologies

Developing Azure skills with casinoeuro win real money enables Nature’s Sunshine to move to the cloud

casinoeuro win real money Flow helps improve key engineering metrics by 35%

Sharpening cybersecurity skills with casinoeuro win real money ensures safety of iconic buildings worldwide

casinoeuro win real money enables ICS to demonstrate IT skill agility, resulting in casinoeuro win real money government contract

How Dimension Data uses casinoeuro win real money to reskill employees in 47 countries

How DealerSocket uses Flow to effectively advocate for engineering at the executive level

Mapping skill progress to core competencies helps Andela grow and place African developers

Learning agile development and devops processes though casinoeuro win real money leads to cost savings

Effectively onboarding casinoeuro win real money hires & ongoing learning

casinoeuro win real money gives ATOS the skills to power the Olympic Games

UST uses casinoeuro win real money to address digital transformation at every turn

CDK Global uses casinoeuro win real money to drive innovation in the automotive industry

How Adext uses Flow to amplify feedback loops and improve predictability

Why ITC favors casinoeuro win real money’s self-directed skill development over the classroom

How upskilling with casinoeuro win real money helps Telefonica win innovation awards

Healthcare IT gets a facelift when employees are empowered with casinoeuro win real money ways to learn tech

Continuous improvement in engineering work processes

Nagarro relies on casinoeuro win real money to deliver innovative solutions on tight deadlines

NASDAQ updates old applications without forfeiting momentum thanks to casinoeuro win real money

casinoeuro win real money Flow helps Storyblocks understand and improve their work processes

How Aveva scales up and skills up its workforce with casinoeuro win real money

How ValidaTek upskills with casinoeuro win real money to win government contracts

casinoeuro win real money helps Master Control cut down onboarding time

IMO uses data to measure the impact of organizational changes

Paylocity leverages casinoeuro win real money to recruit and retain top talent

How casinoeuro win real money helps Boys Town skill up on a nonprofit budget

casinoeuro win real money helps teams at PRC feel valued and grow their careers

How Reel FX built ‘The Book of Life’ with casinoeuro win real money

HealthStream practices its culture of learning with casinoeuro win real money

Francis Tuttle Technology Center provides affordable training

What customers are saying

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"The biggest part of the digital transformation to me is acceleration. casinoeuro win real money is a key part of how Nasdaq is trying to keep up and be ahead. We’re only as good as our teams are."

Heather Abbott

SVP of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq
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"A world without casinoeuro win real money Flow is one without hard data and no real evidence of how things are going. As engineering teams get larger, it’s more complicated; more repos, more code, more people. Without a tool like Flow that pulls it all together, it’s almost impossible to get a handle on what’s going on."

Adam Abrevaya

VP of Engineering, CloudHealth
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"Overall, our team welcomes it [Flow]. It’s contributed to thoughtful conversations and meaningful one-on-ones with both employees and managers. And when we talk about retrospectives and some of the ceremonies that we have as a part of Agile, we bring that data into the conversation to provoke better conversations on continuous improvement."

Shawn Humphries

Vice President of Product Development, KAR Global

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